Sunday, September 18, 2005


We were fighting toe to toe, as usual. I was getting livid. You were getting livid. I left for work, and said “see ya”. You said “yeah”. After being at work for 10 hours, I had a whole LOT of time to think. My job is physically demanding, but excruciatingly BORING. Sooo after thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking, I came to a realization. I first was PISSED OFF for the first 6 or 7 hours, and was rethinking our relationship, which I do waaaaaaaaaaay too much. I need to stop doing that. As my lunch box became less and less full as the night went on, I was continually thinking about the person who packs that lunchbox. Packs it 5 (sometimes 6) days a week, month in, month out, year in, year out. It consists of: 3 Diet Mt. Dews, 2 Diet Pepsi (occasionally replaced with 2 Diet Mist Free, or 2 Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper), a small bag of chips, 2 lunchmeat sammiches, some fruit snackie thingies, and some other snackie things, (animal crackers, nutty bars, shit like that). I believe you are right. Although not you are not 100% right (this time), I am not grateful enough. I do take you for granted. I should tell you thank you more often. Or at least “I appreciate that”.

I appreciate the fact that you wake me for work EVRY DAY, so I don’t have to listen to the “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, “BEEEEP”, of that mother fucking alarm clock. I appreciate the fact that you have packed my lunch box day in and day out for the last 6 years. I appreciate that you are a LOVING mother, a CARING mother, a PROTECTIVE mother, a NURTURING MOTHER. I appreciate the fact that you like being a STAY AT HOME wife, or as you called it “suzie homemaker”. I appreciate it when you cook dinners on the weekends, even though you HATE cooking. I appreciate the fact that you take care of 95% of the house work, the dishes, laundry, sweeping, the “GREAT” toy pick up. I appreciate the fact that I only worry about the lawn, the trash, my work clothes, the kitty litter, the kitty food, and groceries. I appreciate the fact that you pick up the slack I leave when I forget to take care of my work clothes. I appreciate the fact that sometimes I come home from work, and you write “I love you” (in our special code words) on the dry erase board. I appreciate the fact that when you order pizza and things when I am at work, you usually get me something also. I appreciate the fact that we occasionally snuggle, even though you hate it. I appreciate the fact that you stayed married to me after the “November 2003” thingy. I appreciate the fact that you CARE about what I think or say. I appreciate the fact that you enjoy “CSI”, “LAW AND ORDER”, “COPS”, “AMW”, “THAT 70’s SHOW”, with me, and suffer and sit with me when I watch “SIENFELD”, “JUST SHOOT ME”, and other shows that you don’t like, but I love. I appreciate the fact that you put up with my DEREK JETER addiction. I appreciate the fact that you love me, and married me, IN SPITE OF WHO I AM. I appreciate the fact that you make me smile and laugh. I appreciate the fact that you still love me.


Blogger JUST A MOM said...

That was great Matt, but come on CSI and Just shoot me!!!! Are you not really glad now that you started this here private writing thing. It does get better,choose your battle. Does it really matter?
A good old ,"I love you,and Thank you" goes a long way. :)
Aren't you glad you started this here thing. And with all those little snackie thingies why the diet pop? Have a better day tomorrow.

Sun Sep 18, 02:24:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Wifey-difey said...

WHOA! Thanks babe, Seems as some of that yellin has gotten thru to ya after all. The diet pop is to balance out the snacks ....I think.. Actually he just likes diet better (weird right?)

Sun Sep 18, 09:38:00 AM EST  
Blogger Sum kinda princess said...

That was really sweet! I wish my husband did more than one chore around here. He does the uhhhh grass. Mows it. The thing is, that hardly balances anything out since it only needs to be cut ever other week. I do everything else AND I work! Ask your wife, or if you know cool- "How do you get your man to do all that"? I am not bitter all the time, just sometimes. I work part time and make less money than him so I do all the housework. I don't DO grass though. Not that stuff out front anyway. Oh, and that was a good question just a mom... but clearly he's just trying to even out the snackie thingies by not having sugar in the drinks. Great blog! I'll be back.

Sun Sep 18, 11:28:00 AM EST  
Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

Thanks! Uuuummmm.. I can't stand regular pop. I used to dring regular Mt. Dew at a friends house every single day (literally). One night I drank like 15 of them (or around there) and my now head hurts everytime I drink reg. pop with all that sugar in it. That and Diet just tastes better, and it is better for me than reg. pop, and I HAVE to drink pop. So I might as well drink diet, right? OH, the snakie things. Well, I really like to eat, to the point now where I am now getting rather large. And by large I mean a total fat-ass.

You are right, JUST A MOM, a "I love you , and Thank You" goes a loooooong way, I need to do it more often.

Sun Sep 18, 03:53:00 PM EST  
Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

thanks for commenting!

Sun Sep 18, 03:54:00 PM EST  

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