Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm A Saaaaaaaaad Panda.........

My wife Angi had surgery on her leg last Tuesday (APRIL 25th), and had a HUGE vericos (spelling?) vein removed. She was out of it for about three days, I ran her medicine, food, and her tea. (She lives on Iced tea)..... I took Tuesday through Friday off (last week), and took care of her and the kids. She is such a awesome mommy, wife, and person. I love her more than I EVER HAVE. I realized how HARD she works on the kids, the house, and sometimes, (If I'm a really good boy), on ME.


She is much, much better now, and the kids are happy to see their mi-mee, and the house is clean, the kids are clean, and she has shown me how HARD it is to be the mommy, and it whooped my ass hard!! The house was a wreck, and the kids were filthy, but very happy, and fed, and alive, so I think that counts as a success....I think..... anyways, I made it those three days, and she was able to watch them a little bit over the weekend!


The "doctor" totally effed up her leg. He did NOT get all of the vein, there is like 8 inches of vericosed vein in there, the part at the bottom at her foot, where it all started to begin with, I guess (when she says) she was around 18 years old. So, if he left that in there, won't it get like it did, and grow all the way up to her (bleep bleep) again??? You know what I mean? If there is a some left (it ran all the way from her foot to her (bleep bleep), won't it get real bad and grow AGAIN?????? So, guess what, she has to have surgury AGAIN!!!!!!!!

(poor baby) : (


One of her stiche areas (she has three or four, where they cut in different places on her leg to remove the vein) is infected, and it is not good. Not good at all. Really though.


Blogger ONE HOT MAMA said...

AAWWW thanks honey!
You did a great job woth the kids while I was sick in bed. They were happy and fed and dry. That is what's the MOST important. Ok so yeah they had potatoes growing behind their ears but they were happy. I could hear them laughing and playing while I was in bed. I was so happy to know they were having happy daddy time. You took good care of me too and kept me comfy. I realized then what a great thing it is to be loved and have a great husband by your side. I am more in love with you than EVER too. Isn't it the greatest feeling when the love grows with time? Ok enough mushness.

My infected stiches are looking better today and they feel better too. I overdid it and made my leg mad at me for a bit. I put meds on the infection and stayed down yesterday and man do I feel better today. I think I have to take it slower trying to get ack into the swing of things.

Yep that Dr. is a quack. He left the part of the vein that hurt the most to begin with. I have no idea what he was thinking. I STILL need to make a appt to go to my post-op appt. They tryed to make it at the Hosp but the office is as crazy as the Dr. and didn't have the appt book???? SO anyway I gotta go see a BETTER dr. still and have the rest of this dang vein out. UGH!

Wed May 03, 11:26:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Kellie said...

Oh man! That SUCKS!

Feel better!

Wed May 03, 03:44:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Lynda said...

You get to play Mommy again, when Angi gets that vein out. I am sure she will be happy as long as the kids are alive and well.

I love how you posted how much you appreciated her. That is so sweet.

Thu May 04, 11:29:00 AM EDT  
Blogger JUST A MOM said...

DADDY TIME IS JUST THE BEST DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT,,,,,,,,,,, You get to play the mommy and believe it or not the DO remember it!!!! really it does not matter WHO you do it it is that you DO,, do it! GREAT JOB MATT!!!!!! love ya ,,mom

Thu May 04, 11:39:00 AM EDT  

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