Sunday, April 09, 2006

For Sale!

Well, a couple of days ago, our neighbor directly across from us is taking the GM buyout package, and according to them, they are moving back to California. SOOO, he walked over and rang our doorbell, and told my wife Ang all of that, and get this...... if we are interested, they will give us first choice on their house!!!!!!!! COOL HUH?! That means NO realtor fees, just lawyer fees for the sale contract!! WOOHOO!!! The house is awesome!!

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We are currently raising the money to cover the down payment. We have our tax return, and we can sell our Yukon, and we need just a tad bit more. So we are selling our stuff! CHECK IT OUT HERE !!!! We are definantly going to be able to have enough money for the down payment so that is not a problem. The only problem is financing. We MIGHT be able to do it with a co-signer, but I really doubt it. HOWEVER, Ang's parents might help us out. You see, they helped out her older brother by buying their house, renting it to them until they can get a loan with a half way decent interest rate. So the question here is...........

Will they help US also?????? Ang is very doubtful. She has always played second fiddle to her older brother. They have helped him time after time after time his whole life. She however, well that is a differant story all together. But that is her story to tell........


Blogger JUST A MOM said...

are you renting now????? if not why move????? looks like a great house and hope they will help

Mon Apr 10, 09:25:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

YEP, we rent, and will be for years.

Tue Apr 11, 03:47:00 AM EDT  

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