Friday, April 07, 2006

"The Lifeline"

Whether or you, or I for that matter, agree or disagree, or agree to disagree with the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan, I found this story about what is happening over there. This trans-sends WAY past what you, I, or whoever else believes what is right and wrong. It's a "A three-part Los Angeles Times series following the lives of soldiers wounded in Iraq", and it is really, really intense. It might make you cry, or just feel a little nausiated, or maybe nothing at all. I guess that depends on your own self. It follows a military hospital with a 96% success rate, and a soldier who got hit with FOUR IED's IN SEVEN DAYS, among other things.

"The Lifeline" (story link)

It covers the lives of soldiers from the battlefield, to the moment when their life changes, or sometimes ends, forever. It JUST only shows the true ugliness of war. It is not saying whether the war is right or wrong, or anything like that........ it is just showing what is going on to OUR soldiers, OUR countrymen, and women.

About This Series (story link)

"Reporter David Zucchino and photographer Rick Loomis spent several weeks in October and November embedded with Army and Air Force medical units in Baghdad and Balad, Iraq, and with two Army air ambulance medical companies at the Balad military air base north of Baghdad. This series, The Lifeline, is the result of those assignments.The two journalists were provided complete access to the work of doctors, surgeons, nurses and Black Hawk medevac helicopter crews as they evacuated and treated wounded U.S. troops, Iraqi military and police, and Iraqi civilians. The access extended to helicopters and operating rooms."

I think maybe I just need a couple of days without getting blown up.
— Army Spc. Corbin Foster


Improved care

Wounded in Iraq

In harm's way

How they were hurt

Treatment in Iraq

The road back

Bringing Back the Wounded

Journey Through Trauma

Battle on the Home Front

Produced by Diana Swartz
Designed by Stephanie Ferrell
Multimedia produced by John Vande Wege
Interactive design by Bill Bergren


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