Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tired... Very Very Tired...

WOW, it has been busy around here, okay, not THAT busy. Anyways, work has been busy, busy, busy. I worked 4 hours last Sunday, and also we have worked 9-10 hours every day this week (almost), and then I had to stay over four EXTRA hours on Friday night, (actually Saturday morning). So Friday, I had a thirteen hour day (whew)!! On the bright side, I should get a sweet check, and boy do I need it, (who doesn't??). Angi's mom spent a few days over here this week, and helped with the kids while I worked, and Angi had to go to the doctor, and she has to have her leg removed. Well, just a big vein in it, and it's kind of gross, but she has to get it done, because I will not let it go until she does. I am just riding her ass because if she oes not get the operation done, then the vein could cause a blood clot in her main artery in her leg, and then she would die, and that would just plain suck. So we have to wait at least a month for insurance to approve it (hopefully), and then schedule the operation after that, so we will see how it goes. I'm tired!


Blogger Just Help Me said...

oh my i hope angie is ok. i hope you guys have someone to help with the kids while she is recouping.

Sat Mar 18, 05:59:00 PM EST  
Blogger Lynda said...

Varicose veins?

I hope Angi does ok! My husband only has one leg so if she needs any tips. lol. Well, hopefully it is just that vein thingy!

Sat Mar 18, 08:17:00 PM EST  

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