Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, Ang talked to her mom yesterday, and she said I DON'T THINK SO! ANGI WAS DEAD ON!! She was so upset, she was balling ( SHE NEVER EVER CRIES!!), and she got diarreah, and she about puked. WHY?? You might ask?? Because her brother has been the following:

drug addict

in and out of jail a LOT

welfare fraud

grand theft auto

steal and pawn his parent's stuff

bring drugs and sell drugs in their house

married a dipfuck of a woman after :


and that is the TIP OF THE ICEBURG!!!!!!

Everytime he needs anything, he runs to them, and sucks on mommy's tit, and they treat him as if he is GOD'S gift to earth. Angi, is nothing to them. They would'nt come out to see the kids if WE PAID THEM. In fact, they (her mom) were supposed to come out and watch and help with the kids once last yaer, and she called at the last second to say she could'nt because they were getting their big screen $4,000 TV delivered that day. She would'nt change the delivery day, she shrugged us off, and that has happened SO MANY times........... that is just one example.

Angi told me herself, the ONLY time her mom has come out, it is because she needed her help with a computer program they both use, and I WON'T EVEN GO THERE ABOUT HER DAD. They go to Mexico two or three times a year, but they can't think about us, especially our kids if their life depended on it. But her brother's kids, they take in, and watch, and take them out ALL THE FUCKING TIME.


Fuck them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

man matt i am so sorry to hear that. sounds like her family is like mine. (oh this is val) give angi my best and hang in there. the only people you and angi need are each other and your kids. that is all that matters.

Tue Apr 11, 09:47:00 PM EDT  
Blogger JUST A MOM said...

yep Matt Val is right, stick you nose to the grind and do it alll on your own that way when you do it you can say AIT WAS ALLLL US AND NO ONE HELPED!!!!! hang in there.

Tue Apr 11, 11:35:00 PM EDT  

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