Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Myself, Angi, and the kids had a decent day and weekend. We did nothing. We did not go anywhere, call anyone, or do anything much. They had two or three parades downtown, but we just saw them on the news a little bit. Yesterday's INDY 500 was one of the best ones I have seen in over a decade. It was fucking awesome! I LOVE the Andretti guys! They have ALWAYS been my favorite, which I got from my dad. Michael Andretti (My favorite race driver ever), led a couple of laps, but his son Marco Andretti, A ROOKIE, ALMOST WON IT. HOLY SHIT, HOW COOL IS THAT??!! He led the last three or four laps, but in the LAST turn, the douche bag in second place over took him, and that douche bag guy won, with Marco Andretti in second, and Michael Andretti in third.

The weather has been stunning. No clouds, around 85 to 90 degrees out, just awesome. It sprinkled this evening after clouds moved in out of nowhere (we get the "Great Lakes Effect"). Both of the twins are just plain jabber jaws. All they do is "talk, talk, talk", and "why, why, why". They are a lot of fun though. William is caught up to his sister in pretty much everything, thankfully, because of the therapy people who have been just awesome. The one therapy he just "graduated" from, he gets a checkup from her in a couple months.

Last month, we got a 2004 CHEVY TRAILBLAZER EXT LT. It is fucking AWESOME!!!! I traded in the 1996 GMC YUKON, and the 1999 JEEP, and put $2,000 down, and I actually was able to get a loan on the rest!!!! Just me, no co-signers or anything. I got a 17 % interest rate, but am well on my way to restoring my credit.


I have not spoken to anyone in Ohio since last month (literally). I did not send my mom a card, email, or phone call on Mother's Day. I don't feel bad about it either.


I got a email from my mom in Ohio today:

Mon May 29 07:31:11 2006
re: Mothers Day

Hi Matt- Was I a bad mother or what? Mothers Day was two weeks ago yesterday and I never received a phone call, got a card or even an e-mail from you. I just don't understand. You have told me how much you love me and even respect me, but I never heard from you. I would really love to see the kids again. I thought when you got the trailblazer that Angi was going to bring them over here for a couple of days when dad got back from turkey camp..That was over two weeks ago. I miss you all so bad!!!! Please call me and let me know what I have done, ok? I'll be at Grannys today or call me tomorrow at work. I have a new job and my breaks are at different times every day, so I can't give you a good time to call unless its at 11:00 which is lunch. Love you!! Mom


Blogger 1 plus twins said...

it is so nice to see that you and angi and the kids are doing so well and enjoying life. that is what is really so important. you guys are on your way. as for your mom, she just doesn't get it!!

Tue May 30, 12:04:00 AM EDT  
Blogger JUST A MOM said...

HUH??? WEll mom here is the deal,, I just don't FEEL like dealing with "STUFF" so these days I am just dealing with MY family inside my home, as the day brings on new things. Love you thanks for the letter bye.

I am glad you guys just took it easy and congrads on the new car/thingy and all by your self!!!!!

and I am well aware of alone time,, they really do not have much of that, as deamed by themselves,, if you can believe that.They say they will not take any risks in ending up in any kind of trouble. they have plenty of examples remember!!!!!! I am proud of how they are dealing with this thing, REALLY!!!!! Thanks for the heads up though, LOVE YA! :)

Tue May 30, 01:25:00 AM EDT  

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