Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What would Brian Boitano do?

I am freakin’ sick. I am freakin’ tired. I got home a little while ago at around ohhhhh….. 4:30 (effing a.m.). Just got off of an 11.5 hour night (our work hours are broken down into tenths), and last week we worked 62 (point whatever) hours. GGGRRRR…(SIGH). Whatever. This shit sucks, I wouldn’t mind, (even though it IS bad to say), the market going down so we can get a breather. I mean LORD, we have been working our asses off the past I can’t even remember how many months. Saturday we worked, and for some unknown reason, at home AND at work I had some object up my ass, and some interesting things happened that day. (And just to clarify, I think it was a wild hair up there). Wait a minute, I am a poet and don’t know it. (Man, I haven’t heard that in years!)

A-N-Y-W-A- YS…. I am too tired to talk about that at the moment, I mean I am freaking EXHAUSTED. On Sunday, nothing was done, because for (1) I was too tired and lazy and (2) there was no time to do it in. You get one day off, and after coming home 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, and you tend to be a little, uuuummm WORN THE FUCK OUT! (Especially since we go in an hour earlier on Saturday’s and lose an hour of sleep!!) Man I could use some time off. BUT WAIT! I have vacation days! I lied, no I don’t. I am out of vacation days. SHIT! I KNOW WHAT SOME OF YOU MIGHT SAY: “Well, since you know how bad it SUCKS being laid off, and how much money you DO NOT have when you are laid off, why are you bitching? Shouldn’t you be happy? Take it while you can! Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Pay that high tax rate! Get a nice refund next year! Quit your whining!” Or something like that. Well, here is what I would like you to do right NOW. Get a pen and paper. Now first write down the following letters. ~EMETIB~ Now here is the next thing I would like you to do. Take those aforementioned letters, and then write them in reverse. And then I would like you to reread that. That is what I am thinking at this moment, but I might change a word, maybe something like…. uuuuummmm.... nevermind. If you don’t get it, climb the highest building you can find, and then JUMP. Preferably HEAD FIRST.

We got the kid’s Halloween costumes a few days ago. Angi ordered them from some magazine, and then told me about it. I was pissed until I saw what she ordered. I was pissed because I think that is the easy way out. Costumes should be bought at a store, IN PERSON, not in a magazine. When I was growing up, we weren’t POOR, we were PO. We couldn’t even afford the last 2 letters! (THANK YOU Chris Rock, YOU effffing ROCK!) One year we couldn’t afford to buy costumes, so my mom used her creative prowess to make me a costume which was awesome. Okay, I lied again, it was a little uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm……… embarrassing. She took an old sheet we had, and cut two holes in it. So just like that, I was Charlie Freaking Brown. All I needed was someone to put a rock into my bag, and I would have been DEAD ON! Actually, that year I got no candy. (SUCK!) I went on a church group outing/stayover with a friend. At least, I was supposed to go. His mom took us to the place, where we were supposed to get on the church bus, to go Holloweening. I started to get on the bus after my friend did, and pretty much got laughed off the bus (thanks for the backup, pal!) So, I got off the bus, went back to his mom and her car, and she drove me home. By the time I got home, it was late in the evening, (after dark), Trick Or Treat was over, and I did not get “JACK......... SQUAT”! (THANK YOU Chris Farley, you were the fucking BEST!!!!) Mom and dad were on the front porch of the trailer, just sitting there and talking, and I started to walk up to them from my friend’s house. I heard them say, “I think that’s Matt, what is he doing back?”. And I just … well… you can guesstimate it.

A-N-Y-W-A-Y-S…. AS I WAS SAYING…… I was surprised she would order something like that, but it looked adorable. So here we go…..


I really like this time of year. It’s kind of romantic (shut up). With the temp. perfectly 60ish, and leaves awesome looking, and it’s not monsooning, or freakin snowing like a blizzard, and the sun is not baking everything like a dessert, it’s just a nice time of the year. I am really looking forward to Halloween! I have some good (and some bad) memories of everything, but Halloween was generally a LOT of fun! Hell, it still is. For the past 6 (or something) years, I have been watching certain movies and taped shows on Halloween night, or if I work on that day, (which I almost always do) after work, whatever time that ends up being. Here is a little sample of things I HAVE TO watch during Hallowween time (or around there), with all the lights out, and in the middle of the night:

-SCREAM (dvd)
-The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (tape)
-South Park Halloween Episodes (on tape)

And that is all I can think of right now. Angi refuses to participate, because she gets scared really easy, and then has nightmares. So that sucks. It’s not as much fun when your by yourself. And that can be said for A LOT of things!

Even though cable Internet totally rocks, I DO miss cable TV. I ESPECIALLY miss South Park, Battlebots, and mainly just about everything on Comedy Central. I mean, watching robots beat the shit out of each other is just plain freaking fun!

My most favorite team (which shall NOT be called by name, for fear of jinxing them), are in a dead freaking heat with the sucky ass, crap ass Bosux. We just got a ½ game up on them again, after being tied for the past week. (GULP) This weekend will be NERVE-RACKING. The unmentionable team will be ending the season at Boston, and each game will be a ballbuster. Every win and loss now means whether October (and November) will be spent watching my favorite team make it to the World Series, or be spent with my face in my hands thinking “there’s always next year, when we will BEAT YOUR ASS.” Whether they make it or not, I will still be watching. I love baseball. The best sport in the world, with all the history, BET YOUR ASS I will be watching!!!!

I need to get a tattoo. I have wanted one for quite a few years now, but could never do it. I would like to get one that wraps around my arm. What kind of design? Where at? Notice that I did not say want, I said NEED. What would Brian Boitano do?

(If you are a GEN Xer, (born late 70’s, early 80’s), and does not get where that came from, Here is what I would like you to do. Take a vacation to the Grand Canyon. Go to the tippy-topiest part you can find. I mean way high. (not that kind of high).

And then JUMP. Preferably HEAD FIRST.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lmao @ bite me..you fucking fool..hahahahahhahahaah

the kids are too cute!

Tue Sep 27, 09:16:00 AM EST  
Blogger JUST A MOM said...

UMMM I am supose to read all this,,,OK,, I'll be back,,,, So far I love the kids, they must look like their mommy. :)

Wed Sep 28, 12:55:00 AM EST  
Blogger JUST A MOM said...

Hey I might take offence fo that last comment I live where the Grand Cannon is. OK now off the the real stuff,,OK ! tiem you couldn't BUY a costume, OK get this my big girls never hardly had bought stuff, one year they were smurfs. YES you heard it "SMURFS" I used old blue eye shadow all over their faces and hands. OK laugh,, do you know how had that shit is to get off?!!! They are your age, so yeah poor baby one time being Charlie.
OK those babies are just so cute I want some grand babies like that, hell like anything right about now. And did I read THAT word,,, romantic wow angie maybe you need a babysitter. Nice use of words too nice and long. Just don't wait so long to write next time OK?

Wed Sep 28, 01:10:00 AM EST  
Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

Thanks! I guess I should clarify that MOST years we had to costume ourselves also. One year I covered my face with dad's camo paint and was G.I. JOE, One year I had NOTHING to wear (literally), and just put on some clothes and a jacket and I decided that I was costumed as a homeless kid. That Smurf story was hilarious! THANK YOU! That cracked me up!

Wed Sep 28, 04:44:00 AM EST  
Blogger Kiki said...

Those pictures are so cute!!!

Wed Sep 28, 02:04:00 PM EST  

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