Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Am Happy And I Know It (Clap My Hands!)

Life is awesome! Our stuff on eBay is selling well, and we are going to take our tax return, and use it towards a bigger family roadster. Maybe a GMC Yukon XL. Maybe a (who gives a shit??) . Well, we will trade our 1996 Yukon in (with 150,000 miles) towards a vehicle, use the tax return for the rest, and finance what's left over. My mom is visiting us this weekend, just her. She is very pleasant to be around by herself!!!! She is SO NICE when she is not around my dad. She is also nice enough to co-sign on a small loan if I need it, to get said family roadster. We might sell the Jeep outright also. I am on my way to restoring my credit. I got a secured credit card through my bank, and I will use it to buy gas, and pay it 100% EVERY MONTH, which will help my credit out big time!! Not to mention a small loan for a newer vehicle, it will help my credit SO MUCH, so I hope this works out!!!! Our kids had SO MUCH FUN today!!!!! The weather was around 75, MAYBE one small wisp of a cloud in the sky, got the lawn mowed for the first time this year, I LIVE FOR DAYS LIKE THESE!!!! Me and ANG are better than ever! We get along so well, and are closer than we have EVER been, even before the Nov. incident that was four years ago (or around there), we are so close!!!! The kids had a MAJOR a fit when we brought them back in, (it was HILARIOUS!!!! seriously!!!!) after being outside, they were having SO much fun!!!!!



Life is just awesome!


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