Friday, December 23, 2005

Festivus, The Holiday For The Rest Of Us

Conan Fucking rocks! I am watching a rerun of Conan and it’s one of the best shows I have ever seen!!!! First he does the opening punchlines, and I laugh my ass off. And then, he goes into the audience to speak to a “normal, everyday person who is not a celebrity, or a famous person”. So he goes all the way to the tip top row, to speak to this person, and the guy gets up, says his name, and it’s somebody called Jerry Stiller. YES, the man who played George’s dad on Seinfeld!!!!! And after that, he goes back to his desk with thunderous applause, I mean Jerry was fucking hilarious!!!!!

So then, he goes back “TO THE YEAR 2000”!!!!!!!!!

On a side note, I love La Bamba, one of the band’s trumpet players, and he is the one that sings:

(In the Year 2 thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand),

before every fortune telling, of what will happen in the future, of what will happen in the year 2000.

Like this:

(In the Year 2 thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand)

Conan: U.S. troops in Afghanistan will admit that have yet to find Osama Bin Laden, but they have found the guy that played “Dauber” on the TV show Coach.

(In the Year 2 thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand)

Guest: Global Warming will melt the polar ice caps to the point of flooding coastal cities, and New York will be severely under water. To alleviate the human disaster, the U.S. government will bring in Kristie Alley, armed with a straw.

(In the Year 2 thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand)

Yeah, you get the idea. Oh, Conan always does the bit with his next guest, and this time it was JACK BLACK, the “School of Rock” guy!!!!

And yeah, Conan will be the host of “The Tonight Show” some day. Not because Jay Leno blows (which he does profusely), but because he is fucking hilarious, and a genius.


Damn it!

I got tagged.
From Kellie. (thanks a lot by the way….)

THE RULES:1) Thank the person who tagged you

2) List 5 strange/weird/random things about you

3) Tag 5 people

Thanks Kellie, and yes, I am being sarcastic!!!!!!

1. I love the Seinfeld show, and my wife says that I am by far most like George Costanza. (not really a compliment at all)

2. I have been smoking at work the past few weeks, and nobody knows!!!

3. I am a video game junkie. I love my old 8-Bit NES, my 16-Bit SNES, and my PS1 and PS2.

4. My most favorite game series BY FAR is Dragon Warrior, which I own 1-4, 7, and 8. Five and six were only released in Japan. Slaying dragons most definitely is my thing.

5. I love the Yankees, Derek Jeter, Star Wars, LOTR, anything technologically related, my most favorite magazine is Popular Science, and I gues I should just shut my fucking nerd ass up. OH, and I cuss, A-LOT, comes from being a factory slubbo.

Yeah, that was fun (NOT). So I will pass it on to: (even though there is a 100% chance of them NOT doing it, because they are not lame, like me)


Chris Diclerico,

Bryan "Danger" Murphy,

Just A Mom (Jaye),


Well, I got home early tonight, at 9:30ish. We had an early out, because body shop ran nothing all day, and we ran the bank out. So, we basically did not have enough trucks to keep running, so our line time was 4.0 hours, (8:30 p.m.), and we had to fill our line, (I am on the tire line), so we had to go another .4 hours, and of course we had our group circle jerk, (I mean the weekly team meeting), and then we went home. Me and Ang just got done wrapping presants a little while ago.

Christmas is almost HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The countdown:


Blogger JUST A MOM said...

OK I have posted for today so you sucker are getting mine on your comments THANKS!! BY the way first off you will hear me say this one time,,,, You all bitch at me for smoking and what do you say? You have been smoking at work for the last week ro so! HELLTHEFUCKO???? I am not going to spell check this one ok.. now hang on I gotta chekc the stupid game again. OK HERE GOES,,,,

1. I wish I were born like 50 years earlier then I was. I am just an old fashion type of person, even the music and clothes. I LOVE IT!!

2. I feel the most calm inside when I am rocking a baby. I can smell a fever on a baby/child before taking the temp.(weird I know)

3. I have NOT BEEN SMOKING for a month and a week now. Are ya sick of hearing about it yet?

4. One of my biggest fears is silence. I need sound around me at all times. I am loosing my hearing.NEVER SLAP your kid across the head!!!!!!!

5. I am a nosey person, I have to know everything,, OH WAIT you knew that already huh.

OK I am done,, If I dont' talk or read ya before ,, Have a GREAT CHRISTMAS. AND the box will go out the day after!


Fri Dec 23, 12:01:00 PM EST  
Blogger Lynda said...

Kirstie Alley with a straw. That is hilarious.

The website is pretty cool also!

Fri Dec 23, 04:42:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Wifey-difey said...

UMMMMMM I KNOW you are smoking at work and I am TOTALLY digusted with it. I HATE THE SMELL!!! I HATE EVERY FUCKING THING ABOUT IT!!!!!!! What's worse is You know this AND you know it reminds me of MY EX HUSBAND ( UGH THE SMELL) But yet your dumb ass still does it. DO you want me repulsed by you? If ya do then by all means continue smoking. Come on dumb ass get yer shit together!

Fri Dec 23, 05:22:00 PM EST  
Blogger Walking Contradiction said...


Sat Dec 24, 03:58:00 AM EST  

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