Monday, April 17, 2006

So Close, So Far

Well, on eBay, I sold 10 of my items for $420.31. So that is great!

Angi's stuff is still for sell, but at the moment, she has 12 items that will sell for $87.50.

I relisted more of my stuff that did not sell, and I probably will put more up for sell tomorrow, (We have a holiday from work on Monday). Which I guess is really today.
We are well on our way to get more money to put with our tax return ,(which should be coming in the next few weeks), and the trade in money from our Yukon, and stuff.

My mom is leaving today (monday), she has a holiday also. She bought the kids a couple of Easter baskets, and suprised them, and they said "WOOOOOOOOOOOW", it was so cute!! The kids have yet to be in a Easter egg hunt, does that make us bad parents, considering they are two??


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