Thursday, December 01, 2005

Are You Talkin' Ta Me???

HIYAH!!!!! How is life on the flipside?

ME: James Matthew Baker


James, Jim, Jimmy, Jimmy Matt, Matt, Matty, Matty bear, Matty moe moe, Bake, Baker, Boo Boo, Boo, Sweety, Sweetheart, Baby, Babydoll, Dear, Chewbop, Mattchew, Haus, Precious, G-Q Smooth, Tadpole, Puddin’, Mr. harley, Fucker, Motherfucker, Constipation, Mr. Constipation, Charlie, and I am sure there is a bunch I have forgotten by now………

and that’s my name………..
And don’t you FUCKING wear it out!!!!!!


Blogger JUST A MOM said...

WHY MATT,, Or should I say ,, HEY I haven't given you one huh,, I'll have ot think abotu this one for a while. I'll get back with ya on this one.

Thu Dec 01, 10:44:00 AM EST  
Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

*-mom- well let me know!

Thu Dec 01, 11:13:00 AM EST  
Blogger JUST A MOM said...

OK I have thought long enough,,,,, I can only think of,,,, Blessed, blessed to have a loving wife and two beautiful babies to love you no matter what. yep a Blessing for me, to know you as I have through all the miles and the silly internet allows. BLESSED MATT,, yep that is it.

Thu Dec 01, 04:58:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Wifey-difey said...

AWWWW God love Jaye. I think he is pretty blessed to have us too. Hee hee ;-) Actually I am veery blessed for having him. I don't tell him often enough how much I love him and how much I Appreciate all he does for me and the twins. Truth be told before I had Matt my life was CRAP he turned all that around and helped be be all I am today. For that I will always be grateful to my sweet ( sometimes anyways) husband. Who I love ALWAYS and like most of the time ;-). Love you babydoll, Matty moe moe & huby duby doby.

Thu Dec 01, 08:22:00 PM EST  
Blogger Walking Contradiction said...


Sat Dec 03, 02:05:00 AM EST  

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