Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Don't Think So


Dad here. Called and suspended your cell phone service this morning until such time as you are ready to come here and talk to me face to face. Both of you. I'm sorry but Granny showed me what you sent her and I can't pay for you to send her crap and say I am telling lies about you. She knows better. She has the whole deal start to finish on her PC as do we and many others. That's the nice thing about email. It can be printed, saved and forwarded There's a pretty big pile of presents in the guest room waiting for you to come and collect. I know Granddad's contains checks for all of you and don't know how long they will be valid. Granny thinks they may be for one year. I don't know but mom & I want you to come and get them please. Besides that we really need to talk. Face to face. If it will make you more at ease, Granny, Papaw, Glenda or Gary can be present. That way you will have assurance it's not one sided and fair. Up to you. In your hate mail to me, you mentioned being adults but everyone seems to agree that being 18 or older does not make you an adult rather it is your actions and how you treat others. I can never make either of you love me and would not want to. I would hope you mature enough to do that someday on your own but I can demand respect which I have not been getting. I will talk civil to you and tell you like it is and ask that you do the same. RSVP by land line please. Would like to have you here within 3 weeks if possible. We want to discuses this and clean up that room. Love, Dad


Blogger Lynda said...

Keep standing up for yourselves! If you give in, you will just give him back the control.

Don't give in to the bribery!

I am rooting for you!

Thu Jan 26, 04:58:00 PM EST  
Blogger Lynda said...

And if he is blocking your email, then you can always block his as well. Then if he wants to talk to you, he has to call you.

Thu Jan 26, 04:59:00 PM EST  
Blogger ONE HOT MAMA said...

I agree! Don't think so! We have to stand strong on this one to show him this crap will no longer work on us.

Thu Jan 26, 07:14:00 PM EST  
Blogger Just Help Me said...

omg!!! he seems to forget that you are an adult, and that to get respect you need to give respect. you are so doing the right thing. and him bringing up the money to bribe you is so wrong. you don't need sucked into that shit. man your dad and my mom would get along perfectly and jayes mom too. sorry you two are going thru this right now, if anything it will make your relationship stronger!!!

Thu Jan 26, 10:13:00 PM EST  
Blogger Nonsensicallyingenius said...

um, whoa.

Thu Jan 26, 10:24:00 PM EST  
Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

Well, whatever the case, me and Ang are just hunky dorey, we are closer now than EVER. I LOVE HER, she is my difey, and if you talk shit about my difey, FUCK OFF.

She has got my back, yo'.

Fri Jan 27, 02:06:00 AM EST  
Blogger Walking Contradiction said...


Fri Jan 27, 02:17:00 AM EST  

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